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Here on this web site you will be able to see FREE and PAID access programs specifically designed and dedicated for initiates, aspirants and all interested in Ancient Egyptian history, philosophy, and the science of spiritual philosophy as well as the books and presentations by Sebai Dr. Muata Ashby and Seba Dja Ashby

This web site will host special and dynamic presentations including workshops, lectures, seminars and will especially highlight the recordings of the annual conferences as we endeavor to showcase all the available annual neterian conferences going back years along with their corresponding slide presentations just as they were used by Sebai MAA.




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Annual Conferences

2014 Neterian Conference Main Presentation Playlist

2014 Neterian Conference Complete All Videos from All sessions inc. Main Lectures by Seb. MAA and Seb Dja



Lecture Series:




2013 Neterian Conference Videos -Theme: Secrets of Mythic Wisdom and Mysticism of Pertem Heru Chapter 19 Meditation of Initiates





Short Presentations


Sema Symbol means “union of the Lower Self with the Higher Self

The Sema Institute of Yoga


Sema Sema-Symbol-copy-Dis an ancient Egyptian word and symbol meaning union. The Sema Institute is dedicated to the propagation of the universal teachings of spiritual evolution which relate to the union of humanity and the union of all things within the universe. It is a non-denominational organization which recognizes the unifying principles in all spiritual and religious systems of evolution throughout the world. Our primary goals are to provide the wisdom of ancient spiritual teachings in books, courses and other forms of communication. Secondly, to provide expert instruction and training in the various yogic disciplines including Ancient Egyptian Philosophy, Christian Gnosticism, Indian Philosophy and modern science. Thirdly, to promote world peace and Universal Love.


muata and dja teaching -conference atlanta

A primary focus of our tradition is to identify and acknowledge the yogic principles within all religions and to relate them to each other in order to promote their deeper understanding as well as to show the essential unity of purpose and the unity of all living beings and nature within the whole of existence.


The Institute is open to all who believe in the principles of peace, non-violence and spiritual emancipation regardless of sex, race, or creed.

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